• {a bittersweet update}
    Hello, friends! I don’t exactly know how to even start this post or how I should even title it. . . I guess I might as well just state it as how it is. . . I’m leaving The Homeschooled Girl. *cue shocked gasps* But no, I’m not quitting blogging. *cue relieved sighs* Just moving on. I originally […]
  • Monthly review: september 2022 {Email list subscribers only!}
    Hello, friends! Since it’s the last day of September, I sent out my monthly review to my email list, which means there won’t be a post today. If you’d like to read the review, make sure to sign up for my email list and I’ll send it to you as soon as possible. I’ll be back next week […]
  • A delicious fall recipe: pumpkin bars
    Hello, my friends! I have a delicious post for you in honor of being yesterday the first day of fall and just ’cause this is one of my favorite treats and I wanted to share it with you–Here’s my favorite recipe for pumpkin bars. These bars are quick and easy to make, plus absolutely yummy. (And I’m currently […]
  • I got a new camera! {+ pHOTO DUMP}
    Hello, my friends! Just a few days ago, I finally decided to splurge and buy a new camera! The camera I’ve been using is getting quite old (15 years, in fact. o.O), and even though I love it and am super comfortable with it, it was time for an upgrade. And so that’s how I came to be […]
    Hello, my friends! For as long as I can remember, my family has been entering art projects, baked goods, and for me, photos, in our County Fair! I’m hoping to do a post soon with all the photos from when we actually went to the fair, but today, you’ll have to settle for the photos I entered. 😀 […]
  • {Summer 2022}
    Hello, my friends! I wanted to start out this post with the usual and very-overused “Summer went by so fast” but I restrained myself (Or did I just use it in that sentence. . .hmm. XD) Anyhow, I am having a terrible time believing it’s already September and that we’ll be starting school in 4 days. o.O We […]
  • Of planning tips and organization
    Hello, my friends! I have something a bit different than what I usually post–As I’m sure you’ve heard me mention before, I love planning and organization, along with lists, planners, bullet journals, calendars, and literally everything that comes with that. And for today’s post, I thought I’d what I use to plan out my day, and how I […]
  • Random Snippets: The first {of Summer Gardens, Landscapes and foggy mornings, & birthday parties}
    Hello, my friends! I have SO many extra photos. And that happens pretty much all the time. So I decided to make a new series: these ‘Random Snippets’ posts will have random photography as well as recent life, thoughts, etc. (A bit like my monthly reviews but different.) I hope you enjoy reading them! OUR Garden Our garden is a good […]
  • Birthday Goods {2022}
    Hello, my friends! Today, I’m super excited to FINALLY show you all the wonderful gifts I got for my birthday in July and a few random photos from the party I had!!
  • in bloom {flower photography}
    Hello, my friends! Isn’t it crazy that we’re onto the last month of summer? I’ve enjoyed taking tons of photos of all the gorgeous flowers around our house and in the woods. We’ve planted so many, and all of them are so pretty! And then the wildflowers I’ve found in the woods are quite beautiful too. Today, I […]
  • 8 WAYS TO BLESS YOUr FRIENDS TODAY {a Friendship day collab with anna}
    Hello, my friends! In honor of Friendship Day tomorrow, my dear friend, Anna, asked if I would like to do a collab with her. Anna and I have been friends for almost a year now, and it seemed perfect to do a collab. You can read Anna’s post here, and for my part of the collab, I’m going […]
    Hello, friends! Today, I have the honor to share a lovely bonus post with a snippet of writing written by my wonderful friend, Joanne. It’s a beautiful bit of writing and I can’t wait to share it with you! Dandelion cROWNS AND pRESSED FLOWERS {bONUS POST} The sun shone brightly in the sky, blinding Ji-Yu. She took a […]
  • How to make your own cheesecake
    Hello, my friends! Here’s a fact you probably didn’t know about me. . .cheesecake is my favorite dessert! And it’s one of the few sweets I can eat. It’s perfect for the summer when you want something cool since there are plenty of no-bake cheesecakes out there. But today, I’m sharing one recipe that I love and have […]
  • 9 fun ways to decorate a bulletin board
    Hello, my friends! Recently, I redecorated my bulletin board–I had so much fun doing it, that I thought I’d share some fun ways to decorate your own! You should have most of the things you need to do for this project around the house. I’ve always had some sort of bulletin board, and I love them! It’s an […]
  • The Rainy Day Writer Blog Tour: Stop #3 {Bonus Post}
    Hello, my friends!  Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you a bonus post (So yes, we’ll still be having our usual post tomorrow!) because of my wonderful writing friend, Agnès. She’s launching her author blog! Exciting, right? And I had the lovely opportunity to interview her, about her life, writing, and new blog. Hello, Agnès, and welcome! […]
  • Summer Vacation 2022 {Part Two}
    Hello, friends! I’m back this week with part two of my family’s summer vacation to Lake Michigan last June! If you missed Part One, you can find it here. Enjoy lots of blue skies and gorgeous landscapes, crazy adventures, and much more! Day four Our fourth day of vacation was a bright and sunny Tuesday. We spent the […]
  • Summer Vacation 2022 {Part ONe}
    Hello, my friends! I have quite a long post today! Back at the beginning of June (Yes, I’ve been waiting a while to post this. I may have to start posting more than once a week or take fewer photos. 😂), my family, along with my grandparents and aunt, went on a trip to Lake Michigan. It was […]
  • A Glorious Sunday morning walk
    Hello, my friends! A few weeks ago, my family and I were home sick or recovering from being sick on a Sunday, sadly, we couldn’t go to church, but we did go for a wonderful walk since it was beautiful out. I took tons of photos, but here is a selection of my favorites. 😀 The sky was […]
  • Summer Goals {2022}
    Hello, my friends! Happy summer! I have lots of goals for the summer, and I always love reading goal posts, so I thought I’d do one–I hope you all enjoy it. ❤ =D Writing GOals Write 100 words every day for 100 days This summer, I decided to participate in the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 Challenge […]
  • Monthly Review: May 2022
    Hello, friends! Today, I bring you my May 2022 Review! Once again, we’ll be going over the three categories, Life, Writing, and Reading! I hope you enjoy. =D **Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something off of my link, I will get a small commission for advertising, with no extra cost to you and you […]