I got a new camera! {+ pHOTO DUMP}

Hello, my friends!

Just a few days ago, I finally decided to splurge and buy a new camera! The camera I’ve been using is getting quite old (15 years, in fact. o.O), and even though I love it and am super comfortable with it, it was time for an upgrade. And so that’s how I came to be the owner of a Canon EOS Rebel T7 DLSR!

Anyway, I tried it out and definitely noticed an improvement in the lighting, clarity, and focus of these photos. I’m curious to see if you guys notice too or if it’s just me as the photographer. Let’s find out!

We’ll start with a few zinnias. They are slowly beginning to die with the come of fall and cooler weather, and I was glad to snap a few shots before they are gone for good.

I’d never seen white zinnias before this summer, but apparently, they do exist because we have plenty of them in our flower garden? They are so pretty, either way!

I love how sharp and clear this red zinnia is – it was one of the few that we have that are standing up straight since all of the other flowers are leaning to get the sunlight. 😂

This odd yellow-weed has been growing in our garden and in a lot of other places around our property. Mom was going to pull it but then it got quite tall and she was interested to see how it would flower. It’s quite pretty, in my opinion!

These flowers are so gorgeous – I love the rainy green atmosphere to this photo; it makes the orange of the flowers a lot brighter, I think.

So pretty. ❤

If you look closely, you can see all of the leaves that are slowly turning color mixed in with the green ones – Fall is on its way! We’ve had a lot of cooler weather lately, and it definitely feels quite fall-like out.

Because we’re on the subject of autumn and leaves falling. . . I absolutely love the lighting on this photo and the colors on the leaves.

This one leaf had so many holes, my goodness. I love seeing how different leaves are and how they vary in color, size, and so much else.

Another smattering of fall leaves I collected! Soon, we’ll have enough to start making our annual leaf pile, except we’re still waiting on the maple trees for that. . .

Onto a different subject! A spider. 😜 This guy was crawling on one of the zinnias.

This zinnia’s colors were so pretty. ❤ I love the lighting and the fall colors in this picture.

This flower too. ❤ The pink-purple color is gorgeous, and then with the green of the leave in the background adds to it.

Ooh, I love this one too! My fingers seem to be neon pink though, if you look closely. . .? Welp, that’s odd. XD

I had never seen small zinnias before this summer – Mom and I were both quite surprised since some of the zinnias from the same seeds were large and normal, too. It’s odd but the small ones are so cute!

This zinnia is so tiny and cute. 😂

Mercy came outside and walked around with me, and while she was climbing the tree, I got a few shots of her! She had the brilliant idea to use this leaf as a prop. . . 😅 😂

There we go! What did you guys think? I definitely noticed a bit of change while photographing these, but it seemed to be a much larger change once I uploaded all the photos and looked at them closer.

Which was your favorite photo? What do you think about spiders? Are you looking forward to Autumn?

Thank you for reading, friends, and please have a beautiful rest of your day!


28 thoughts on “I got a new camera! {+ pHOTO DUMP}

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  1. These pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing, Pearl. I love all the flower pictures, and I don’t care much for spiders, hehe. I can’t wait for autumn (six days!). God bless you!


  2. THOSE ARE GORGEOUS!!! I love all of them!
    Spiders are fine as long as they don’t get close to me. 😬 And I’m so excited for autumn!!! 🍂 It’s my favorite season!


  3. I’m still so excited about your new camera!!! *does little happy dance* it’ll make photography even more fun!!! those photos are awesome!!!


  4. Ooh such pretty photos! I don’t like spiders much, but I’m super excited for autumn! All of the fall flavors… yum 😋


  5. Ergh. Agh. Spiders. *shudder* Pearl, whyyyyy? Also, yes, neon pink fingers. *nods wisely* So stunning. XD
    But wow, girl, your photography is neat!! (I don’t know if I’d be qualified to tell you that the photos look different from your other camera … XD) ❤


    1. They’re so creepy yet I like them. XD Ohhh, yes! Just gorgeous. 😛
      Aw, thank you, Amelia! That means a lot. ❤ (Ah, you definitely are qualified. You've seen enough of my photos since you're such a wonderful reader and commenter! <3)


  6. I love the one with the pink-purple-yellow flower and the green leaves! It’s gorgeous.

    Spiders have too many creepy-crawly legs and beady eyeballs for us to be on friendly terms, but unlike my sister, I don’t launch a full-on military assault with a flip flop when I see one XD The last time I killed a spider, I actually cried because I felt bad! This is why my friends know me as the official bug-rehabilitation person…and why I’m the one who has to trap wasps in containers and take them far away from our picnic spots to set them free🤪

    I am looking forward to autumn, actually–or at least the things that come with it! Youth group and connect groups will start up again, and of course, there’s Thanksgiving (and thus pie) to look forward to!😋


    1. Thanks, Erin! ❤
      My sis has the habit of just shrieking and screaming her head off until someone comes to rescue her. (Actually, maybe the spider. XD) That story cracked me up. XD Ooh yes, that's lovely and so exciting! 🙂


    1. Ooh, awesome! What do you think of the t5? My first consideration was 4000d but I decided on this one. Currently, I’m just using the 18-55mm lens, but I also my 75-300mm lens. I’m hoping to get a set of macro lenses too, since that’s my favorite, but we’ll see. What about you?


      1. I really like the t5; it takes better pictures than the Nikon Coolpix I was using. I actually have a full review coming on my blog soon. I would have gotten a t6, but used cameras on eBay were going like crazy! (I literally bid and lost on three other cameras before finding the one I currently have.)
        I use the 18-55mm too, as well as a 50mm 1.8 lens. I’m wanting to get a 70-200mm lens, but I’ll need some more money (and I’ll probably change cameras before then).


      2. Ooh, I’ll have to make sure I read it! 🙂 (Wow, that’s crazy. :P) Yeah, I love having the bigger lens, but it also means I need to bring a tripod along, which can be a bit annoying. XD

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  7. Hi Pearl, Aliya told me you had a great blog and sent me the link! I have only read this post and I already love the blog! My favorite pictures were the spider, the hot pink zinnia, and the purple-pink zinnia


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